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Reading Her Signals: How to Know if She is Diggin’ You staff writer

Women are complicated, aren’t they? Have you seen the movie “What Women Want?”, Wouldn’t it be nice if it were so easy to know someone’s thoughts. With women everything’s confusion – from the first call, first date, onwards. Men are lucky though, because women want to give you the right signal. But do your part, don’t misinterpret. Here’s what to look out for when a girl just is not into her date:


SIGNAL 1: When She acts awkward, and fake.   If you are too worried thinking there is something about you that could turn her off, then this is the message you are sending, and she is getting it. If you are acting too nervous, she’ll feel nervous. It is just contagious. Feel good about yourself to show you are open for a good relationship with her. If you show an insecurity about yourself, expect her to act awkward and worse – fake (or just being polite).


SIGNAL 2: When she crosses her arms, leans away from you, and avoids eye contact. If she does these, you must be giving her a message that you are ‘sexually preoccupied.’ Watch your stares man. Do not make your self a less than attractive pervert.


SIGNAL 3: When she smiles but doesn’t laugh at your jokes. Take it like a man. She is just not interested. She might only be thinking that you simply are not at the same trail of thinking, that you do not have chemistry.


SIGNAL 4: When she talks less and agrees with everything you say. Careful – conversation is getting boring. Try to ask her a few questions about her.

SIGNAL 5: When she asks for your  number. Painful, but this is a let’s-take-it-slow, or at the worst – an indirect no – subtle rejection. You might find it worthy to push further for a possibly great relationship in the future, but know it when you should give up. Learn to move on.


SIGNAL 6: When she tells you that you would be perfect for her sister, or she suddenly brings up the fact that she’s still talking to her ex-boyfriend. Guys, isn’t this clear enough?


So, here is the overall tip: Don’t you try to look for signs that she is into you. Look for the signs that show she is not. Try looking for the opposite. So you can learn when to take NO for an answer. You’re lucky if you don’t see any of the above signals on your date. If you do, learn to take a hint. Women can be very difficult to read. Good luck!


-By staff writer: Ae Dechavez

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